Hellfighters God and Country Rally 2016 convention Hellfighters God and Country Rally 2016 convention
Hellfighters God and Country Rally 2016 convention
Hellfighters God and Country Rally 2016 convention
Hellfighters God and Country Rally 2016 convention



Bailey Smith

The National media has described Bailey Smith as:


a formidable figure, a fiery, red-haired, old style prairie stem winder. . . -TIME

a capable and growing leader. . . -NEWSWEEK

a leader. . . -U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT

in-errancy superstar. . . -CHRISTIANITY TODAY

His oratorical skills have proven him to be one of the more popular preachers. . . -LOS ANGELES HERALD

Bailey Smith is the only man in Convention history to baptize 2,000 people in a local church in one year.

He is the only former president of the Convention to enter Crusade Evangelism.

He is the only man of any denomination to leave a 20,000 member church to enter evangelism.

He is the author of the best seller Real Evangelism and has several books to his credit such as Taking Back the Gospel, Real Christianity, Real Christian Excellence, and The Grace Escape.







HellfightersGod and Country Rally 2016 convention
Hellfighters God and Country Rally 2016 convention
Hellfighters God and Country Rally 2016 convention

Craig Franklin

Richard Headrick

Hellfighters God and Country Rally 2016 convention

Richard Headrick is a public speaker, filmmaker, author, president, and CEO of seven corporations, founder of The Hope Foundation, The Good Samaritan Foundation, and Hellfighters International, and he serves on several national and international ministry boards. He and his wife, Gina, live in Laurel, MS. In addition to their extensive evangelistic work here in America, they have traveled to over 80 countries assisting missionaries and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Together, they founded Hellfighters Christian Ministries in 2000 as a way to get the average church member off the pew and into the streets sharing the Gospel.



Hellfighters God and Country Rally 2016 convention

God's Praise

God's Praise was formed in 1998 as a praise team in a local church. Their goal is to praise God for the talent he has given them and to use that talent to further the kingdom of Heaven, giving God all the praise....and that is how  their name came to be. The group puts God first in their lives and enjoys displaying God's gifts and talents to others.  The Lord has moved mighty ways in their services and they are determined to give God praise!




Paul & Joanna Daily

The first demonstration or service held by the Wild Horse Ministries was on February 22, 1997 at the Daily home near Jena, LA. This demonstration was presented to a Sunday School class taught by Joanna Daily. Initially the ministry was restricted to this location or others that had a "round pen". But soon, the Lord provided and now the only things needed by the Wild Horse Ministries are praying sponsors, an area large enough for the "round pen" and an untrained 2 to 3 year old halter or rope broke horse.


During the first three years demonstrations were given before almost 15,000 people in Louisiana and Texas. This non-denominational ministry was taken to churches, fairs, prisons and "anywhere we're invited". During these first years Paul was able to do this work around his full-time job. When the company changed their vacation policy, disallowing one-day vacations or three-day weekends, Paul felt that it was the Lord leading him into full-time service. So, in May of 2000 Paul became a full-time horse trainer for the Lord.


Paul does not "break horses", he "gentles" them, with words and pats, until they let him bridle, saddle and ride them - all within two hours. Occasionally, Paul can get the horse to totally submit by lying down. Paul says the Lord has given him this ability and is using him to reach people who shy away from organized religion and church. As the horse submits to Paul's ministrations, people submit to God's. "We have witnessed individual lives being changed because of their willingness to submit to Jesus Christ", says Paul.





Hellfighters God and Country Rally 2016 convention

Jeff Sundell

Jeff's background includes several entrepreneurial businesses in the States. After serving two years in India and Nepal, he graduated in Dec. ’01 with an M Div in Church Planting and an MA in Inter-cultural Studies. Most recently, he served with the International Mission Board in South Asia as a Strategy Associate for Northern India, Nepal and Bhutan. His passion is to see people that are distant from God to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to see disciples multiplying one at a time in the church and on the streets.



Hellfighters God and Country Rally 2016 convention

Springhill Missionary Baptist Church Praise Team has been singing God's praise locally and regionally spreading the love of Christ. They have been serving in the Ellisville community and bring a delightful sound to the platform!